Party Tray Pizzas – cheese & pepperoni 19.95
Additional items 2.50

Regular Unbaked Pizza – cheese and pepperoni 9.00
Additional items 1.50

Small Unbaked Pizza Cheese & Pepperoni $6.00
Additional items 1.50

Pepperoni Rolls – pepperoni, cheese, and sauce 3.00

Hoagies – pepperoni, cheese, sauce, and ham 4.00

Meatball Subs  3.25

Meatball Subs – with cheese 3.75

Italian Lunch Meat Sandwiches – four imported
Italian lunch meats, provolone, hot or mild peppers,
and homemade dressing 6.95

Party Subs with four imported Italian lunch meats, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, and our homemade dressing on the side.
Three-foot 29.99 | Four-foot 39.99 | Five-foot 49.99 | Six-foot 59.99

Lunch Meat Trays – four imported Italian lunch meats, two cheeses, olives, lettuce.
Up to 12 people 39.50 free loaf of bread
Up to 25 people 69.00 free loaf of bread
Up to 50 people 133.00 two free loaves of bread

Pasta Dinners One-pound of pasta made with our homemade sauce,
eight meatballs, four dinner rolls and parmesan cheese. 14.99
Forty-five minutes notice required.
Orders taken no later than one hour prior to closing time, please.

One-day notice for required for party subs and lunch meat trays.

Don’t forget dessert. Look at our sweets menu for our full list of homemade pastries and sweets.